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Galway Stainless Steel

Trusted by some of Ireland’s  Largest pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage companies.

Sink Unit Range

Galway Stainless Steel Sink Unit Range

Storage Rack Range

Galway Stainless Steel

Dish Wash Table Range

Galway Stainless Steel

Wall/Centre Tables

Galway Stainless Steel

Centre Table

Galway Stainless Steel

Entry table

Galway Stainless Steel

Single Bowl

Galway Stainless Steel

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Galway Stainless Steel


We have been providing bespoke stainless steel solutions to the catering, pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors in Galway for over 30 years.

Multi-Industry Steel Product Manufacturing

Over the years we have designed and manufactured steel products and catering equipment for hospitals, restaurants, bars and hotels. We have developed a solid client base and a reputation for excellence.

Precision Engineering

Our highly skilled engineers offer unique creative solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality and customer care. Efficiency is very important to us and we guarantee our work is always on time and on budget.

Custom Steel Fabrication Workshop

We have a workshop on-site that is equipped with the very latest in steel fabrication technology allowing us to take on advanced projects and provide our customers with expertly crafted products.

Full, Transparent & Professional Design Process

We work closely with our clients to determine their specific, individual needs. Our engineers will consult with you throughout the entire process from the initial planning to design and manufacturing phase. Our in-house design team will produce illustrations helping you to visualise your project and to ensure everything is custom designed to your specifications.

Expert Steel Fabricators

We are experts in our field and extend our bespoke steel fabrication service to both commercial and domestic customers.

Architectural Stainless Fabrication

Galway Stainless Steel’s team of project managers, expert engineers, fabrications and CAD Technicians offer architectural stainless steel fabrication for a multitude of Irish and international businesses and industries.

Cleanroom/Pharmaceutical Fabrication

For the Pharmaceutical industry, Galway Stainless Steel design, manufacture and install a range of stainless steel solutions. Stainless steel is extremely hygienic and easy to clean making it the ideal material for pharmaceutical plants and clean rooms.

Hospital /Healthcare Fabrication

For over 3 decades, Galway Stainless Steel has been designing, manufacturing and installing stainless steel solutions in hospitals and health care faculties all over Ireland. Our products are corrosion resistant and compile with all hygiene and standards and regulations.

Bespoke Custom Fabrication

Our team of stainless steel fabrication experts and highly-qualified designers have created fully customised steel solutions for a variety of industries. Our design and installation team, work in close collaboration with the client throughout all stages of the design and manufacturing process.

Call us today on +353 91 757927 to discuss your project. Alternatively, you can contact us by email.